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Phone outside Australia: +613 9938 4362

Convert your ARR ordinary shares into ADRs

To convert your ARR ordinary shares into ADRs:

You need to transfer your ordinary ARR shares to BNY Mellon’s local custodian, HSBC Bank Australia Limited (SWIFT BIC: HKBAAU2SSYD, CHESS PID: 20057, Safekeeping Account: 011-552130-068). This process is usually completed by your broker via an electronic CHESS transfer, or broker transfer form. Your broker should be able to assist with this.

Also required are the U.S. ADR delivery instructions to accompany any deposit of ordinary shares. This information should be sent via email to adrconversions.hbau@hsbc.com.au and should include details of the institution where the ADRs will be delivered to in the U.S. market (i.e., institution / broker name and DTC acct. info).

Once BNY Mellon receives confirmation from HSBC that your underlying ordinary shares have been deposited, new ADRs are issued and delivered to your nominated U.S. broker, in accordance with the ADR programs Deposit Agreement.

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