American Rare EarthsResourcing a renewable future.

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for resources essential to the clean energy transition American Rare Earths is developing its 100% owned magnet metals projects, Halleck Creek in Wyoming and La Paz in Arizona, both with the potential to be among North America’s largest rare earth deposits.

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We are committed to developing our projects featuring sustainable practices, inclusive principles and leading technologies to support the United States' national security and economic transformation goals.

Expanding high value resources, including two of the potentially largest rare earths projects in the US

With a globally significant exploration target of over two billion tonnes of mineralised rare earth rocks, our 100% owned Halleck Creek project has the potential to be among the largest rare earths deposits in the US.

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Confirmed presence of substantial Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) grades ranging from 5.8% to 13.9%. Additionally, assays for valuable magnetic rare earths, specifically neodymium and praseodymium, were found to be within the range of 1% to 2.2%. These results underscore the significant potential of the Beaver Creek project and the valuable rare earth elements it contains.

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Our 100% owned La Paz is a bulk tonnage project with a 170MT JORC Resource estimate already in place and an exploration program that could lift its Resource to over one billion tonnes of mineralised rare earth rocks.

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The Searchlight Heavy Rare Earths Project is an exploration project located in a precious metal mining district in the eastern Mojave Desert Region about 119km south of Las Vegas and 30km east of the only operating rare earths mine in North America at Mountain Pass.

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What’s exceptional about rare earths?

Why is the US racing to onshore their supply and how is American Rare Earths supporting those efforts?

If you’ve ever read about rare earths elements (REE) before you probably already know that they’re not actually very rare – they’re in plants, oceans, soil and there could even be some inside our bodies. What is rare, are concentrations of REE large enough to economically mine and extract.

REEs are used in a shopping list of household items such as flat screen TVs, self-cleaning ovens, laptops and smartphones. They amplify signals in fibre optic cables. They’re also used in medical equipment such as pacemakers and advanced imaging machinery. In the defence sector permanent magnets are required for jet fighter engines, missile systems, satellites and communications systems.

American Rare Earths is collaborating with the following top-tier R&D programs developing new REEs refining technologies that are both reliable and environmentally sustainable.

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