More than just a mining company, we have top tier R&D partnerships that are pursuing a sustainable and secure rare earths supply chain for North America.

Our partners, via our wholly owned subsidiary Western Rare Earths, include:

  • Critical Minerals Institute - established by industry leaders to provide education and collaboration opportunities in alternative energy production and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) technologies and practices.
  • Critical Materials Institute - a US Department of Energy (DOE) Innovation Hub investigating clean processing and refining solutions. Fellow organisations include the world's second-largest metals producer Rio Tinto (the only other company with rare earths mining deposits involved with the CMI)
  • Leading universities
  • National laboratories and private companies.
  • The US Defense Department Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Rare Earth Elements (REE) bioengineering research program. This encourages US scientists to engineer a new REE supply chain using 'bio-mining' approaches through the Environmental Microbes as a Bio-Engineering Resource (EMBER) program.
  • A research consortium including Virginia Tech University funded by the DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office program known as Critical Materials: Next‐Generation Technologies and Field Validation. The program aims to develop clean technologies to process the elements essential to clean energy.

Across our R&D projects, we have partnered with global top 100 universities and American national laboratories. These include:

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