La Paz, AZ

Our 100% owned La Paz is a bulk tonnage project with a 170MT JORC Resource estimate already in place and an exploration program that could lift its Resource to over one billion tonnes of mineralised rare earth rocks.

Very few rare earths resource estimates across the world exceed one billion tonnes of rare earth metal oxide content; like Halleck Creek, La Paz has the potential to be one of the largest rare earths projects in the US.

  • Only 170km northwest of Phoenix Arizona –La Paz has a current JORC Resource estimate of 170MT.
  • Ongoing work targeting ~742-928MT of rare earths mineralised rocks to establish a JORC resource for the SW area.
  • Flowsheet was developed to maximise recovery of rare earth metals particularly the high value magnet metals Neodymium
  • Praseodymium and Scandium.
  • Located in a very mining friendly state of Arizona.
  • Close to infrastructure with a highly skilled workforce.
  • Test-work demonstrates the ore responds well to conventional processing technology which reduces operating and capital costs.
  • Exceptionally low levels of radioactive penalty elements Uranium and Thorium – further reducing costs and boosting the ESG profile.
  • The project covers 2779 hectares (6866 acres).

La Paz Rare Earth Project

A unique opportunity for shareholders for exposure to the US rare earths market.

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