American Rare Earths


We are committed to a sustainable exploration and development strategy across our growing project portfolio. Our approach to environmental management is founded on the identification and control of material risk during all phases of our exploration operations. At the core of our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiative is a proactive stakeholder engagement policy. 

We strive to ensure local communities and stakeholders surrounding our projects, are both informed and consulted on the company’s exploration activities in a timely, accurate and relevant manner.

We aim to minimise our environmental footprint through the implementation of best practice across all aspects of our business.

The interests in tenements held by American Rare Earths Limited (and fully owned subsidiaries) and the related percentage of ownership is detailed below:

American Rare Earths Region

  • EL6622 100% American Rare Earths Ltd

  • EL8143 100% American Rare Earths Ltd

  • ML86 100% American Rare Earths Ltd

  • ML87 100% American Rare Earths Ltd


Murray Basin Region

  • EL8558 100% Murray Basin Minerals Pty Ltd

  • EL8559 100% Murray Basin Minerals Pty Ltd

  • EL8649 100% Murray Basin Minerals Pty Ltd

  • EL8650 100% Murray Basin Minerals Pty Ltd

Additional information regarding your rights as a community member and or landholder is provided by the Department of Industry | Resources & Energy and can be accessed here.

Alternatively, please contact us for the provision of this information in hard copy.