American Rare Earths

The Searchlight Heavy Rare Earths Project is an exploration project located in a precious metal mining district in the eastern Mojave Desert Region about 119km south of Las Vegas and 30km east of the only operating Rare Earths mine in North America at Mountain Pass. The area is readily accessible by road, with climate and terrain favoring year-around exploration activities.

The old mining district in which the project is located was variously explored and mined for precious metals and turquoise in the early 1900s, and some exploration was done in modern times for porphyry copper and detachment-related gold. During the 1950s uranium prospecting rush, a significant number of REE-thorium occurrences were discovered in the district and adjacent areas, but none were mined. The district has received little attention since.

The eastern Mojave Desert Region is extensively underlain by Precambrian age rocks that host one of the world’s largest and richest REE deposits; the Mountain Pass mine located 30km west of the Searchlight Project area and an abundance of other REE occurrences throughout the region, including WRE’s La Paz Rare Earth + Scandium Project 250km to the south.

Recent mapping and sampling indicates that the principal REE mineralization in the Searchlight Project area occurs as structurally-controlled, monazite-apatite vein systems. Similar REE vein deposits of economic importance occur at various places in the world. They are typically not very large but can be very rich and often contain significant amounts of the especially valuable heavy REE (HREE).

The Searchlight Project appears to be a unique REE property unusually endowed with heavy REEs that warrants further study and exploration. The initial sampling demonstrates that there is widespread distribution of significant REE mineralization.