American Rare Earths



Western Rare Earths (WRE), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian traded American Rare Earths Limited (ASX: ARROTCQB:ARRNF), is an exploration company established to acquire and develop the advanced La Paz Rare Earths and Scandium Project in Arizona, the Halleck Creek Rare Earths Project in Wyoming, and the Searchlight Heavy Rare Earths Project in Nevada. Additional Critical Minerals opportunities may be added to the platform.

WRE is focused on alleviating a supply deficit hindering the rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs), the renewable energy revolution, and high-tech defense industries. While taking advantage of government push in the US, the EU, East Asia, and India, WRE will benefit from the pulling market trends of double-digit compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) for EV motors and wind turbines. WRE is in position to be the leader in planning and executing environmentally responsible mining projects by leveraging world-class technical teams and experienced diverse leadership. We are collaborating with leading universities and national laboratories on research to develop disruptive sustainable biotech processing systems for Critical Minerals. With our La Paz Rare Earths Project location, WRE is on-shoring high-paying jobs to an Opportunity Zone location that is also eligible for New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC).