Proactive: American Rare Earths signals potential REE resource expansion at Halleck Creek

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American Rare Earths Ltd (ASX:ARR, OTCQB:ARRNF)  has fielded extensive findings from its ongoing exploration at Halleck Creek in Wyoming shedding light on the considerable rare earth elements (REE) potential in the high-grade Overton Mountain area.

The autumn drilling program remains on schedule and has achieved significant milestones, notably a core hole that reached a depth of 305 metres, displaying consistent REE mineralisation throughout.

This achievement outstrips prior drilling, which was limited to depths of less than 175 metres.

During the summer, the company conducted initial surface mapping and sampling programs that further suggest the presence of a larger, more concentrated REE resource at Halleck Creek.

Furthermore, an updated exploration target is also being assembled, based on the encouraging outcomes of the exploration.

“Largest US mining play”

ARR CEO Donald Swartz said: “Our summer initiative was successful, as the team has now confirmed the presence of rare earth mineralisation across a broader area, and at a higher grade, than had previously been known.

“While more work needs to be done to confirm the presence of these claims at depth and across the entirety of our land holdings, we are encouraged by these results as we continue to establish the Halleck Creek property as potentially the largest US mining play for rare earths.

Enabling greater flexibility

ARR analysed 189 surface samples using X-ray fluorescence (XRF).

Of these, 52 have been selected for confirmatory assay analysis in high-grade target mining locations. Surface mapping activities have revealed no major structural features that could limit exploration, thus enabling greater flexibility in the company’s future exploration strategy.

Through GPS-confirmed geology, staff geologists are optimising future drillhole locations.

The exploration scope is also extending beyond the immediate Halleck Creek area. American Rare Earths is considering the potential value of additional claims in the Bluegrass, Sommers Flat, Trail Creek, and County Line areas.

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